TXH - Total Exhaust Hood


Design Filtration Microzone's TXH line of Total Exhaust Laminar Flow Hoods provides proven protection for the operator while protecting your processes from particulate contamination. Our TXH line is manufactured from corrosion-resistant, seam-welded polypropylene offering excellent resistance to a wide range of corrosive materials.

Key Features

  • Vertical rising, fully counter-balanced, sloped face shield
  • Minhelic Gauge to monitor pressure drop on HEPA filters
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Manufactured from corrosion-resistant, seam-welded polypropylene
  • Alarm Package
  • Features auto-shut down mode in case of exhaust failure
  • Product and Operator Protection
  • Provides better than ISO 5 (CLASS 100) conditions

Optional Features

  • Sealed fluorescent light fixture
  • Vented base cabinet with sliding doors
  • Plastic motorized impellers
  • Square to round polypropylene collar connection

Types of Applications

  • For use in low level trace analysis (metal free) applications and/or acid digestion work
  • Geological and Earth Sciences Research

Total Exhaust Hood

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