Decision Map

Do you require protection for product, operator, and/or environment?

Product Protection

Horizontal/Laminar Flow Hood - The HEPA filtered unidirectional horizontal/vertical laminar airflow blankets the work area to provide excellent product/process protection under sterile ISO 5 cleanliness conditions. DFMZ Option: LHV/LVV
Clean Bench (CAW) - The HEPA filtered airflow blankets the work area to provide excellent product/process protection under ISO 5 conditions. Airflow patters are NOT unidirection or laminar; no diffuser screen. Available in horizontal or vertical flow configuration. Designed for use on a bench top or counter surface. DFMZ Option: CAW

Open Bench (PCR) : - STILL AIR: provices product protection (i.e. DNA and RNA processes from possible contamination) through lab still air; no HEPA filtered supply. Includes UV Light for decontamination with interlock system to protect accidental UV exposure. DFMZ Option: Contact us

- HEPA Filtered Air: provides product protection through positive pressure HEPA filtered air when door is open. DFMZ Option: Contact us

Operator Protection

Fume Hood - The inward negative airflow provides excellent protection for the operator against potentially harmful chemical fumes, acid vapors, and/or processes generated within the work volume. *Requires connection to external exhaust source. DFMZ Option: Fume Hood (PPF) Fume Hood

Operator & Environment Protection

Extraction Hood (NXT Series, EXT Polypropylene, CAW w/ Reverse Flow) - Provides a high degree of operator and environmental protection from harmful contaminants including powders, chemical fumes/vapours and/or nuisance odours. Negative airflow draws lab air in and away from the user and mizes with contaminated air before passing through a pre-filter, HEPA filter, Carbon Filter or both. The filtered air is recirculated back into the room or can be vented to the outside when connected to an external exhaust source if required. DFMZ Option: Extraction Hoods

Product & Operator Protection

Total Exhaust Hood (TXH) - provides the highest degree of product and operator protection from potentially harmful contaminates, fumes/vapours. DFMZ Option: TXH

Product, Operator & Environment Protection

Biological Safety Cabinet (BK3) - Provides the highest degree of product, operator & envrionmental protection from potentially harmful contaminates and aerosols.

- Front opening maintains continous airflow
- 70% of the air within the cabinet shell is recirulated; 30% of HEPA filtered air is exhausted from the hood - HEPA filtered, vertical, unidirectional laminar airflow within the work zone - HEPA filtered exhaust air to the room or the exhaust connected to an external exhaust source DFMZ Option: BK3 BK3