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Design Aire Fan Filter Unit (DA2; DA3; DA4)

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The Design-Aire SL is our most popular fan-filter unit. The new “slim line” housing was designed to fit into tight ceiling spaces, where our older model and many competing models could not be installed. Our entire series of Design-Aire fan-filter units come standard with many beneficial features.

Key Features

  • Durable Aluminum Housing
  • Easy Installation: The 11.5” height and light-weight housing of these units make them easier to slide into ceilings. The 3-prong electrical cord allows them to be plugged into standard 115V outlets.
  • HEPA Service Life: The variable speed control helps increase HEPA filter life, by allowing the motor speed to be increased as the loading on the filter increases. This keeps the airflow consistent and results in fewer filter changes.
  • Energy Costs: Each unit only uses a maximum of 2.16 amps on 4' units (w/ AC motors)
  • Convenient Connections: A 115V duplex electrical outlet located in the filter housing allows up to 5 units to be connected and run from one 15 amp circuit.
  • Sound Insulation

Optional Features

  • Painted Aluminum or Stainless Steel housings
  • Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA) filter rated 99.9995% efficient at 0.12 microns
  • HVAC collar connections
  • 2" pleated pre-filter in place of standard 1"
  • Minihelic Gauge, to monitor filter loading
  • Suspension Package
  • Drywall Installation Flange
  • Tamper Proof Speed Control Cover
  • 230V export option is now RoHS compliant

Available Sizes

- 12" x 12" - 24" x 24" - 24" x 36" - 24" x 48"