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4 Suite Cleanroom

(Kingston, Ontario)

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Project Details

  • Includes: a non-hazardous gowning room, a non hazardous cleanroom, a hazardous gowning room, and a hazardous cleanroom.

  • DFMZ pass-through: Transfer products and equipment in and out of your cleanroom and eliminate unwanted contamination.

  • Temperature Monitoring: Relative humidity and temperature monitoring

  • Fan filter units: DA4-1HSL is our most popular fan-filter unit. The new “slim line” housing was designed to fit into tight ceiling spaces, where our older model and many competing models could not be installed.

  • Digital Gauge Panel to include the following: digital touch screen to monitor relative static room pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and Hepa filter loading, visual alarm system for Temp/RH and visual & audible room side alarm for negative room pressure

  • Air return: Adjustable, surface mounted, white polypropylene. Relative humidity and temperature monitoring​​

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