Polypropylene Vertical Laminar Flow

They said they couldn't do it, so we built it.

Polypropylene Laminar Flow Hood - Vertical


Our LHV series of laminar flow hoods create the ideal environment for processes needing product protection, where the processes are not harmful to the operator. The downward vertical airflow blankets the work surface with HEPA-filtered clean air and maintains a positive pressure within the work zone area, keeping your products safe from airborne contaminants while working in the hood.

Key Features

  • Product Protection: Minimum ISO 5 (Class 100) conditions in the work zone.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Constructed from corrosion-resistant white polypropylene, these hoods are ideal for processes involving corrosive chemicals and are resilient to frequent sanitizing.
  • Narrow Profile: ​​​​​​​Our design features maximum work zone depth while still fitting through most standard doorways.​​​​​​​

Optional Features

  • Base frame, sitting or standing height
  • Base frame, electric hydraulic adjustable height
  • Vertically sliding face shield, fully counter-balanced
  • Stainless steel IV Bar
  • UV light fixture
  • Stainless steel lining on interior
  • Duplex electrical outlets
  • Service valves
  • Energy-efficient motor package
  • Metal-free construction

Types of Applications

  • Sterile Preparations
  • Tissue Culture Work
  • Ideal for use w/ larger equipment that the increased work zone height will accomodate

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