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Project Details

  • CLASS II Type A2 air flows offering personnel, product (ISO-5) & environmental protection.

  • Constructed out of DFMZ 1.5 wall system, anodized aluminum frame assembly c/w insert panels 3/16" clear acrylic inserts in the upper section and 3/16" solid white polypropylene in the lower section. 

  • Supply and exhaust HEPA filters provide minimum 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 microns.

  • Removable front panel allowing for quick HEPA filter maintenance.


  • Ergotron Monitor mounting arm, to the outside of the enclosure.

  • Digital control panel, 5.7 digital touch screen to control switches of lights and fans. Includes also alarm system and controls speed for FFMS.

  • Duplex electric outlets, mounted inside of the enclosure.

  • Networks and wired cables pass through.

  • LED light fixtures.



(Santa Monica, California)

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