NXT CLASS 1 Biohood



Our NXT CLASS 1 Biohood provides the highest level of operator and environment protection from harmful particulates available today. Quality materials, components and workmanship can be found in this fully loaded NXT series hood.


  • Operator Protection
    The airflow is directed away from the operator, into the hood to be filtered. Both the NXT-300 and 400 models have been successfully ASHRAE 110 tested with excellent results.
  • Particulate Filtration
    The CLASS 1 Biohood filters the air through a HEPA filter rated at 99.99% with the filter located at the exit point of the cabinet, allowing a full leak scan.
  • Independent Operation
    Internal fan(s) direct air without the need for the air to be ducted to the building system. The filtered air is vented back into the room, saving otherwise wasted energy.
  • Sturdy Construction
    Constructed from cold-rolled steel with anti-bacterial powered coating, Interior 304 stainless steel with coved corners, two layers of laminated, toughened, anti-UV glass, and an electroplated work surface.


  • High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, rated 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns
  • Power vertical sliding face shield, fully interlocked with both the supply fan(s) and UV lighting
  • UV lighting
  • Energy-efficient, LED task lighting
  • Quick-change, disposable pre-filters, rated MERV 8
  • Side windows made of two layers of laminated, toughened, anti-UV glass
  • Stainless steel rear baffles complete with easy release catches
  • Pre-cut holes for various service outlets
  • Two pass through ports for electrical wires and tubing
  • LCD display for On/Off controls of fan and lights, UV timer, sash height control, duplex and airflow velocity read-out
  • 15' power cord, 115V


  • Base frame with either 30" or 35" high work surface
  • ULPA filtration
  • Casters for base frame
  • GFI duplex for electrical outlets
  • Service valves
  • Exhaust transitions

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