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Biological Safety Cabinets

BK3 Series
Legacy Unit - BK2

Clean Air Workstations

CAW - Vertical Flow
CAW - Horizontal Flow
CAW - Reverse Flow

Extraction Hoods

Metal NXT Series 00 Compounding
Metal NXT Series 01 Class 1
Metal NXT Series 10 Hepa Carbon
Metal NXT Series 30 Dual HEPA
Metal NXT Series 40 Dual Chemical
Polypropylene EXT Compounding
Polypropylene EXT Class 1 Biohood
Polypropylene EXT HEPA Carbon
Polypropylene EXT Chemical

Fume Hoods

Fume Hood

Laminar Flow Hoods

Metal VCM Vertical
Metal HCM Horizontal
Metal VBM Mini Laminar Flow
Polypropylene LHV Vertical
Polypropylene LHH Horizontal

PCR Hoods

HEPA filtered
Still Air

Total Exhaust Hoods